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China's 2015 magnesium product exports to dip 8%

China's magnesium product exports are expected to dip 8% year on year to around 400,000 mt in 2015, Chinese magnesium trade platform Northeast Asia Magnesia Material Trading Center said in a report on its website Tuesday.

The country's exports have been on the decline so far this year because of weak global demand, according to the report.

Over the first 11 months of this year, China exported 370,000 mt of magnesium products -- comprising magnesium ingot, magnesium alloy, magnesium powder, as well as other magnesium products -- which were 5% lower year on year.

Despite magnesium alloy exports in the reported period having jumped 7.97%, magnesium ingot and wrought magnesium exports over January-November fell 7% and 15% year on year, the report said.

Exports of magnesium powder and magnesium products over the same period fell 12% and 25% year on year, the report said, without providing a breakdown by volume.

Meanwhile, the Tianjin branch of the General Administration of Customs has tightened monitoring of magnesium ingot, magnesium alloy and magnesium powder exports over the past two weeks, following a fatal explosion in Tianjin city back in August, the report said.

The center noted that magnesium ingot and magnesium alloy have been exported under the general cargo category, but now are classified under the dangerous type category. This resulted in delivery delays of several weeks due to inspection.

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