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Changjie Filter firmly believe that quality is the life line for an enterprise . Back to 1998, Changjie (before the restructuring) worked together with the mother company to get ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. At present, adhering to the guideline document of quality guarantee system, Changjie ensure all customers obtaining excellent products and services by systematic quality control .

Quality operation aim: quality is the foundation for the existence, strength, development, and prosperity of the company.

Quality control target: 100% whole machine pass rate , above 98% customer satisfaction rate.

Quality control principles: scrutinized planning, detailed prevention, optimized control, continuous improvement, meeting demands and organic combination of economic benefit and social benefit.

Quality control method: all-staff quality control, full-course quality control, and overall quality control. 

Quality control mechanism: Liability System for Quality Control, 6-level Quality Checkup Policy, One-vote Veto of Quality Flaw.
Organization guarantee for quality: general manager responsibility as mechanism guarantee technical and quality checkup department as core and other relevant departments to coordinate.

Quality control standards: Changjie compiles corporate quality management standards with higher starting point and stricter requirements, such as Corporate Equipment Management Standards, Corporate Processing Quality Standards, Corporate Processing Quality Checkup Standards, Machine Assembling and Checkup Standards, Machine Pass Checkup Standards and Equipment After-sale Services Standards. We enhance the supervision, assessment and management of the quality system in order to lead the industry new requirements of quality management throughout.

Quality control procedure: Changjie compiles” Quality Procedure Document” and draws effective quality control maps for some 23 systems, including planning quality control, material quality control, industrial process quality control, welding quality control, nondestructive examination quality control, heat treatment quality control, examination quality control, chemical and physical test quality control, equipment quality control, measurement quality control, defective product quality control, staff training and etc. More than 100 kinds of quality records are made, 55 quality control points and responsible person are indicated. Thus, Changjie forms a set of effective quality guarantee mechanism with complete procedure , strict supervision and effective implementation. 

In the implementation of the overall quality system, we sincerely hope that our users raise valuable comments and requirements for Changjie quality management work ,we will serve you with higher quality.


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