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Zijin Mining Deerni copper mine

  1. Mineral filtered: flotation of antimony concentrate
  2. Grinding particle size: -200mesh 70%
  3. Feed concentration: 40-50%
  4. Altitude of the mine :1900meters
  5. Ore processing scale :300,000tons/year
  6. Equipment selected  :1 set of  CJZJ highly efficient filter press
  7. Moisture content of filter cake: ~10%
  8. Processing capacity per unit:350kg/m²h
  9. Designed capacity reached
  10. Designed index reached
The mine was located in a place of 4,000 meters above the sea level in Qinghai province. By adopting Changjie CJZJ highly efficient automatic filter press, the moisture content of the filter cake in both copper concentrate and zinc concentrate was 8%. The mine has been running for more than 10 years with the CJZJ filter press still in operation.
  • Filtration material
  • Tec requirement
  • Application effect
  • User evaluation
  • Related equipment
    1. Zijin Mining Deerni copper mine
    2. Mineral filtered: flotation of copper lead and zinc concentrate
    3. Grinding particle size: -400mesh 90%
    4. Feed concentration: 55%
    5. Altitude of the mine :4500meters

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