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With the development of information technology, Changjie intelligently integrates technologies of data collection, mobile communication, data transmission, distributed B/S remote malfunction diagnosis system and creates the first Remote after-sales service platform in the industry, which enables online on-site operation surveillance, online problem diagnosis, hand-holding malfunction resolving, auto data collection, abnormal alarming and reporting, pushing Changjie 6-heart manager services to a new height and realizing the transforming of traditional passive after-sale service to active personal service. Quicker, better and smarter one-stop filter press services, just here in Changjie!

1.   Lab experiment
The experiment is free of charge, but it is must be noted that Changjie is only responsible for the sample sent. Please strictly follow below instructions to get the representative material to guarantee the accuracy of the experiment. 

(1):  Samples provided by the customers.
Sampling method: take the slurry from the outlet of the pulp (mainly referring to the flotation concentrate or tailings outlet or the leaching tank discharge port) and put it into a barrel for complete settlement. Then, Take the water out from the upper clarified water and make the remaining high concentration slurry drying to meet the transportation requirements. Pack the dried sample in conformance with the highway or railway transportation packaging requirements and send it to Luzhou city of Sichuan province by highway or to the Longchang station by rail with our company as the consignee. Please paste a label on the package indicating consigner name, material name, concentrate or tailing, dressing method, Fine grained, feeding concentration, sampling location, filtered moisture content requirements and etc. to facilitate our choice of experiment method and formation of experimental report.

Special note: do not take samples from the tailings reservoir or the stacked filter cake filtered, which may not be representative due to drift settlement or contamination.

(2):  Experiment
The experiment will adopt lab filter press with filter plate area of 250mm*250mm. According to the requirements of the user, we will select CJZJ series, CJXA series, chamber or chamber membrane filter press to meet the technical requirements.
After selecting on equipment model, experiment will be done under certain parameters on feed concentration, pressing and drying time for 6 times until the result is stable.
The experimental filter cake will be sampled by electronic scale in a constant temperature of 100
±5 until the weight does not change 3 consecutive times every half hour to Calculate the moisture content of filter cake.

(3):  Compilation and delivery of the experiment reports.
Basic technical parameters, lab equipment used, experiment process and records of important parameters will be included in the reports with moisture rate and density of the filter cake, and equipment processing capacity calculation included in the experiment results.
Reports will be delivered within 3 days after we receive your samples. 

2.  On-site experiment

Experiment at the user sites is very convincing and the experiment will be carried out by both the users and our technicians. Changjie has an industrial experiment equipment measuring 1.5 square meters which can be transported to the user site.
The cost for on-site experiment is very expensive so we will charge basic fees according to the distance and specific requirements. 





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