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Dear friends,

Thank you for your attention to Changjie Filter. Innovative technology is the power for company to moving forward , good products is the magic key for winning in the competition. Changjie is aiming at providing simple, durable and highly efficient filter press to clients, with over 20 years consistent efforts, Changjie Filter has devoted to filter technology research and has created new filter press with minimum moisture content and highest unit processing capacity without human attendance.

Over the past 20 years, Changjie Filter has grew and advanced with the help of our friendly clients and diligent workers, Changjie keep on improving product design and quality to meet higher standard and suggestions, Here I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to the support from our friends and to the efforts made by every Changjier. 

Pursuit of excellence is the soul of Changjie. Changjie endeavors to research and develop top technologies, manufacture excellent products to our clients ,We look forward to cooperate with new friends. Changjie will pay back to your supports with actions, most advanced technologies and best quality solution.