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CNGG adopted Changjie filter press for its mining project
1. Mining Overview:

The inner Mongolia Wunugetushan copper-molybdenum mine which belongs to China National Gold Group Mining Co., Ltd locates in Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir City ,the mine is 22 kilometers away from Manzhouli city center, the mining area is 27.93 square kilometers. The Wu Nugetu shan copper-molybdenum ore area is 9.8 square kilometers, it has 3,000,000 tons copper reserves, 600,000 tons molybdenum reserves, it is China's fourth largest copper molybdenum associated deposits. With a total investment of 2.8 billion yuan, the project is planned in three phases, the first phase started in August 2007 and put into operation in September 2009; the second phase project plans to invest 3.3 billion yuan and put into operation in 2011. The Two construction projects has made the mine developed into large-scale mining with daily processing capacity 80,000 tons, 70,000 tons of copper annual output, 7500 tons of molybdenum, realized
Nearly 4 billion yuan annual production.
2.Filter press selection and equipment operation 

In the earlier stage of selection plant ,the two copper-molybdenum mixed concentrates are using tank pressure filter presses from a well known international company and some Chinese domestic companies.
When equipment has just put into operation, as the copper-molybdenum separation technology is not fully mature, two series of four tank pressure filter filtration material is mainly copper and molybdenum unseparated mixed concentrate. At this time ,the mineral viscosity is small and easy to filter, the filter cake moisture can be <10%; and equipment just put into use, so the failure rate is low, the equipment could meet production requirements.
As time goes on, pressure filtration tank defects gradually manifested. Although the device is in operation continuously, but with extremely high failure rate, difficult maintenance, operating rate was less than 50%. The moisture content of filter cake began to rise, and air consumption increases, production capacity could not meet the production needs.
In order to change the situation, the two mineral processing plant increase the ceramic filter press to maintain processing capacity. The ceramic filter press was operating continuously, basically unattended, low labor intensity, in the copper-molybdenum mixed concentrate,moisture content of filter cake was about 12%. However, the equipment could meet production needs.

In 2011, with the breakthroughs of Copper-molybdenum separation technology was adopted and put into production. As the high viscosity mineral processing reagents was added in the separation process, after separation, the viscosity of copper concentrate increased, the processing capacity of ceramic filter declined seriously ,moisture content reaching more than 15%.
The design flaws of the above mentioned equipments gradually exposed ,this severely constrained the production of mineral processing plant. To find new and better filtration equipment has become imperative.
3. Filter press re-selection and operation comparative experiments
During new filter press selection process, recommended by some experts, Changjie high efficient filter press and BPF automatic filter press from Beijing Mining Research Institute were selected . After laboratory experiments, two models could meet the requirement of keeping moisture content of copper concentrate from copper and molybdenum separation less than 10%.
To ensure the successful transformation of filtration equipment, in December 2013, the plant purchased one set of changjie CJXA high efficient filter press and one set of BPF automatic filter press .CJXA high efficient filter press was used to filter copper concentrate that relatively hard to filter, and BPF automatic filter press was used to filter normal copper concentrate.

Until December 2014, after nearly eight-month comparison , the two devices operating results as follows:
After copper and molybdenum separation by Changjie CJXA filter press, filter cake moisture content of copper concentrates was about 11% , single daily processing capacity was more than 650t, intelligent control, automatically adjust filter parameters, stable performance with less maintenance,  it could meet production needs.
The BPF automatic filter press from Beijing Mining Research Institute processed a series of copper-molybdenum separation of copper concentrate, filter cake moisture content was about 11% , the moisture content could meet the requirements. But the equipment failure rate was high, operation rate was quite low even with continuous rectification maintenance by its supplier, it still unable to properly put into production. The equipment was shut down and removed finally.
4 .Conclusion of equipment selection
By using Changjie high efficient filter press for Wunugetushan copper-molybdenum mine from China National Gold Group Mining Co., Ltd, both the moisture content of filter cake and processing capacity can meet the production need. The equipment is in simple structure with less repairs and maintenance ; it equipped with intelligent control, which records filtration process ,weight of the filter cake to better meet the production need of plant.
In order to improve a series of copper concentrate filtration, the plant has decided to purchase one more CJXA high efficient filter press .After two series CJXA filter press put into use ,the tank pressure filter press and ceramic filter were abandoned.
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