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Changjie filter help mining giant reduce operation cost
Compared with traditional chamber membrane filter press, plate-and-frame filter press, Changjie quick open automatic, no diaphragm filter press has the following unique advantages: low moisture content, filter material well-adapted (different altitude, fineness, concentration, etc),singles daily processing capacity.
Changjie high efficient filter press has covered quick open ,automatic and no diaphragm these features, when compared with Metso VPA, ANDRITZ filter press, under the same moisture content and process scale, the purchase cost and operating costs are about 1/4-1/6 of international brand with equivalent technology.
It should be noted that, although the moisture content of vertical filter press is relatively low, due to the complex structure, wearing parts such as design flaws more prone spraying equipment, filter cloth damage and other problems, equipment maintenance is difficult and take long time, and operation and maintenance also take high cost, subject to height restrictions, vertical filter press processing capacity is limited. Changjie filter Press achieved much lower moisture content than LAROX vertical filter press with same processing capacity and lower procurement costs. The rugged, durableand simple design ensure the maintenance cost much lower than other filter press brands .
In the first three quarters of 2015, Global mining remains weak,However, relying on Changjie more smarter, advanced and cost effective filter press solution and service , Changjie has served the mineral giants like Jinchuan Group, Zijin Mining, Western Mining, Xingfa group with advanced and reliable filtration equipments. From lead and zinc and other nonferrous metals as copper ore, iron, manganese and other ferrous metal ore, gold, silver, lithium and other rare precious metal ore, Changjie filter
Press can rival against world advanced brands under the same moisture content and process scale, it is the best choice for mining enterprise to reduce operation cost and pragmatic partner to achieve dry tailings pit row.

Mining recovery period will be upgrading and development of advanced mineral processing technology and equipment. Changjie will enhance product innovation and design, providing more customers with advanced and reliable filtration equipment and services. We sincerely hope for mutual beneficial cooperation and we will constantly make new contributions to enhance the commercial value in the post-industrial era .
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