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CJXA high efficient filter press has been adopted by China N
The plant is currently the largest single series processing capacity of copper in China with two series. One series processed 38,000 tons copper raw ore daily while another one processed 42,000 tons copper raw ore daily; Two series amounted to 80,000 tons processing capacity per day. This mine is copper molybdenum associated ore and is difficult to separate Copper from molybdenum. It is also hard to filter the copper concentrate after the separation.

They were using ceramic filter and tank pressure filter from both famous domestic and international brands originally. The moisture content in the filter cake generated by the ceramic filter was more than 15%, which is unable to meet production needs. Meanwhile, the tank pressure filter   produced 13% moisture content of the filter cake with high malfunction rate , expensive repair fees and less than 45% driving rate. To change the situation, the dressing plant  adopted Changjie CJZJ intelligent filter press in 2013 for both series , which is working in good condition and easy to operate and maintain with low operation cost.